Frequently asked questions

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Here are the frequently asked questions. Is your question not there? Contact us.

How long does a track take?

The track consists of 5 sessions of 1.5 hours. Afterwards you can always decide to have individual sessions for a reduced price.

How do I make my first appointment?

For a free consultation, you can call me, send me a message on Whatsapp (see contact) or fill out the application form.

How much does it cost?

The first consultation is free of charge.
If you choose to do a track it will cost €750 for 5 sessions, a personal roadmap, assignments, interim contact and report. Additional sessions after a completed course will be €75,- per hour (reduced price).

If you choose to do individual sessions (instead of a track), the costs are €90,- per hour.

Can I also go to Talent op 1 for other things than just study choice problems?

You definitely can. Together, we mostly look at how we can get your confidence back and find your strengths. Even if you had issues with bullying, or your confidence is low, these are all very good reasons to contact us and take the first step to solving these problems.

How will I get a better understanding of my qualities and pitfalls during the track?

During the sessions we will use ‘talent cards’. Based on different types of cards we will discover your wishes, your qualities and your pitfalls. This way, many things will be discussed that otherwise might be hard to express.

Why does the track consist of 5 sessions?

For real change, one session is not enough. Change is a process and it takes time. It cannot be done in one day. Experience has shown that it takes on average 5 sessions. The first three are usually weekly, between the fourth and fifth sessions there will be more time in between.
On the other hand, the track with 5 sessions will not be long-term and you will be able accomplish a lot in a relatively short amount of time.

Book a free consultation

In this preliminary meeting we will get to know each other, discuss your request for help and afterwards you can decide whether you want to continue or not. This meeting will take about an hour and is completely free.