Reducing choice overload – 5 tips

The stress of making a choice can be paralysing. Both in daily life and in making big decisions. This is how you can reduce your choice stress.

Okay – then I won’t make a choice

Is this how you sometimes feel when confronted with too many options? Do you feel so overwhelmed that you prefer not to make a choice at all or procrastinate? Many young people experience this. 

If you are a perfectionist, then an abundance of choice can be an overkill. In the supermarket, in the job market, booking a holiday, or figuring out your path of life.

Because when there are so many possibilities – how on earth do you know which choice to make?

Good question! Let’s take a look.

5 tips

Put it into perspective

No choice is a choice for life. Don’t be too heavy on yourself. No choice is perfect.

Accept some uncertainty

You’ll never know if a choice is the right one. You will have to make a decision based on information and experience. There is no absolute certainty.

Follow your instincts

Choose what feels right. If the choice suits you and feels right, it will go easier.

Take actions to find the right information

Information on paper just gives general information. Go out and talk to people, visit places, etc. Decisions are usually made during this research process and not in advance on paper.

Every choice is better than not making a choice at all