Help with choices

Are you unsure about what you want to study or are you stuck at a crossroad in life? Talent op 1 will help you get back on track!

Do you know your own talents and skills?

Develop, investigate, expand your talents and find out where your interests really lie; how to make the right (study/career) choice; choosing your life path and reaching your full potential!

Options for young people

Are you unsure about what you want to study? Or has your current choice of course turned out not to be the right one for you?

Options for adults

Do you want to make a positive change in your life, but can’t quite figure out how?

Ready for a kickstart?

Sometimes external expertise can help you define your goals and get you back on track

Discover your true life path

Are you unsure what you want to study or are you stuck at a crossroad? Talent op 1 will help you get back on track!


This is what others said about Talent op 1

I came to Gemma because I was dealing with a burn out. At that time I felt lost and insecure about my abilities and had lost my way in life.
As soon as I had had the first contact with Gemma, it felt very comfortable and familiar. Her warm, equal and particularly her non-judgemental approach gave me back my confidence. Gemma listens in an open and accessible way and encourages you at the right moment for the right motivation.

Gemma mirrors wat is said and felt in a subtle, gentle way, and that’s how she brought me back to my core.

“Not to sound too sentimental but Gemma, you have truly been
my guardian angel througout my process and just what I
needed. Thankyou”

I went to see Gemma as a last resort to find an education that would really suit me and I am very happy that I did. She didn’t only help me to find the right education but helped me get over some challenging hurdles which boosted my selfconfidence significantly.

Now, one year later, I feel completely at home in my new bachelor study and I am happier than I ever was. I would definitely advise anyone who is struggling with their choice of study and can’t quite figure it out on their own, to go see Gemma.

During my conversations with Gemma I really felt comfortable. Talking to her was like talking to one of your best friends. This made it easy for her to truly understand me and help me with the problems that I had. This also made the atmosphere super relaxed. She helped me overcome certain obstacles, even though I ultimately did it myself, by encouraging and challenging me. To help me with this, she gave me assignments each week so I could work towards my goals at my own speed.
Gemma is a super kind woman and I am so grateful to her for everything!! Her empathetic capabilities made everything super nice and familiar. Thanks to her I really gained insight into myself and I don’t think anyone else could have done the same.

Gemma knows how to quickly get to the essence of your issues. In her own way she gives many insights and practical tools to lower barriers and help find your way. She helped me to think in a problem-solving way and turn ideas into action. With her warm and creative personality, she creates a comfortable and open atmosphere in a no-nonsense way.

Gemma is someone with a big heart. I can safely say that the progression in my artwork is largely thanks to her. I didn’t feel like continuing doing art and right at that moment she picked me up and helped me go forward.

Gemma’s talent is that she relies on everyone’s own unique strength. She has great people skills and because of that she recognizes many situations. I’ve talked to several psychologists in my life, but rarely to one that didn’t try to push you in their own direction.

Gemma is a master in listening to and understanding what people really need. She knows how to make you stronger by using your own strengths.

The conversations at Talent-op-1 were relaxed and fun and really helped me make the right study choice based on my personality and my own strengths. For everyone who doubts their choices or doesn’t know what study suits them, I would highly suggest planning a free consultation.

Where you see yourself in a year, is a reflection of the choices you make today

This is how it works:

1. Introduction

What help do you need,
what support do you need,
how can I help you

2. A deep dive

Motivation and choices,
insight into your possibilities,
removing barriers

3. Kickstart

Laying out goals,
using your talents,
getting into action

Frequently asked questions

How long does a track take?

The track consists of 5 sessions of 1.5 hours each. Afterwards you can always decide to continue having individual sessions for a reduced fee.

How do I make my first appointment?

For a free consultation, you can call me, send me a message on Whatsapp (see contact) or fill out the application form (

How much does it cost?

The first consultation is free.
If you choose to do a track it will cost €750,- for 5 sessions, a personal roadmap, assignments, interim contact and report. Additional sessions after a completed course will be €75,- per hour (reduced price).

If you choose to do individual sessions (in stead of a track) the costs are €90,- per hour.

Learn how to make choices in a positive way

Find your own strength and motivation and make choices that are right for you. Being yourself and making your own choices gives you energy and confidence. Together with me, take on these challenges to enjoy life to the fullest.